A little family history - eng.

A little family history.

Leif Sanne

updated  24 aug. 2022

Hello and welcome to my genealogy.

My research mainly covers Bohuslän,

where my father and mother's family come from,

and also on Torsö in Skaraborg, where my grandfather came from.

Hope you find my research interesting, and maybe it can help you find some missing relatives.

Here you will find all old and new house numbers in Sotenäs, before and after 1925.

Gravarne.   Bäckevik.   Fisketången.   Smögen.   Hasselösund.   Malmön.   Hunnebostrand.

My mother Ulla:


Her mother Walborg Carlsson came from Krokstrand, Skee (O). There I have been able to follow the family down to the 14th century.

Her father Hans Hansson was born in Nolby Nolgård, Torsö (R). There I havebeen able to follow the family down to the 17th century. 

They were never married, and my mother´s birth record says father unknown.

But Hans Hansson had contact with Ulla while growing up, so my mother always knew who her father was.

She lived in Herrljunga as a foster child until the age of 10, then ended up in a new foster family Oscar and Anna Callmer in Gothenburg.

She was adopded a few years later by the Callmers. Therefore, I have a side link to the Callmers family.


But the main reserch has become my biological grandparents.

My father Torsten:


Much of my research is around Sotenäs and Tjärnö.

Unfortunately, much was lost in a fire in Tossene vicarage in 1898, but thanks to a fine work by Sotenas personal history association, (Sotenäs Personhistoriska förening) . This has been reconstructed in parish lengths.

A branch comes from Gåsö and Skaftö (O), where my grandmother´s grandmother (farmors farmor) Helena Jonsdotter b. 1815 came from.

Hans Lots (Hans the Pilot) b. 1785, my great-grandfaher´s great grandfather (farfars morfars far) whos real name was Hans Andersson. It became known that he, as Pilot survived when in december 1811 he was supposed to pilot English warships home to England.


In the storm that followd, about 1380 English sailors perished.


Some links about Hans Lots: 

GP2002-12-24      GP2002-12-26       Hans Lots

Some tradic eventsr:


My grandmother Hilda Wasström (house 103) Kyrkogatan 37, lived next door in Gravarne with her 7 cousins and their parents Anna Christina Wallström and Carl Anton Larsson Gadd. (House 91, Hans Lots Gata 6)

The father Carl Anton dies of tuberculosis (TBC) in 1893, the son Carl Arthur dies 1½ month later, also of TBC.     

In 1895, on the third day of Easter, mother Anna Christina and her 6 daughters were burned to death at home in a violent fire. No house is there today.

                           -magazine links!


My grandmother Walborg Carlsson had eight siblings. Her mother Maria and five siblings died between 1896-1898, several died of TBC.

Her father Carl Anton remarries his former wife´s sister Amanda in 1899. Carl Anton dies in 1902 of TBC. Amanda was then alone with Carl Paulinius, Walborg and Hulda. Carl Paulinius also died in 1911 of TBC, 26 years old.


In februari 1862, 52 fishermen from Sotenäs perished when they were caught in a storm on their way to Ålesund in Norway.

                      link to the page about Ålesund

About my genealogy.

Rechearched on:

Röds farms in Åbyfjorden, Tossene (O), 2017

about my (fm, ff, mm, mf, ff)  ancestor Wogne b. c:a 1645 d. 1716

Röd - a farm with ancestry.

Röd family farm 11 generations. (now 12 gen). 


A large work in Torsö (R)

several new surnames were discovered:

Thorsén, Bodell, Loman, Söderqvist, Almén, Martin, Billvall, Wedholm, to name a few.

I am revising my research and now focusing on looking for probate records.

It has made me find new connections - kinship between several people.

More children in the family and also delete people who were not alive at time of the estate record.

When I got deeper into family in Skee, where my grandmother comes from, around the 17th and 18th centuries,

several branches from my fathers side around Tjärnö and my mothers side from Skee were joined.

Researching  Holma manor in Brastad, and my ancestor Peder Bagge.

wich can provide an interesting trip back in time! 

Holma estate, A rich estate in Bohuslän.                  Into the world of the fairy tale!  a little insight into my encestors!


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Län och Landskap

County and Province territory


AB = Stockholms län

AC = Västerbottens län

BD = Norrbottens län

C = Uppsala län

D = Södermanlands län

E = Östergötlands län

F = Jönköpings län

G = Kronobergs län

H = Kalmar län

I  = Gotlands län

K = Blekinge län

L = Kristianstad län (avskaffad 98)

M = Skåne län

N = Hallands län

O = Göteborgs och Bohuslän

    Västra Götalands län, efter 1998

P = Älvsborgs län (avskaffad 98)

R = Skaraborgs län (avskaffad 98)

S = Värmlands län

T = Örebro län

U = Västmanlands län

W = Dalarnas län

X = Gävleborgs län

Y = Västernorrlands län

Z = Jämtlands län

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